Monday, April 16, 2012

6 Months!

Norah Jane, you get sweeter and more fun every month, and we are loving every moment with you recently.

- You weigh 16 1/2 pounds and are 26" long. Both in the 75th percentile for your age. Your 6 month dr. appointment went great. You are very healthy and the only concerns are the little patches of eczema on your eyes.

- You grab EVERYTHING! You want everything we drink or eat, and I'm excited for the day when I can actually let you try what we are eating.

Recently, you just started grabbing at people's faces. You do it a lot when we are feeding you, and it is the sweetest thing. You reach up and grab our nose or put your hand to our mouth. You especially love when we kiss your hand.

- You are sitting up without support and love it. You rarely want to be lying down anymore now that you have mastered sitting.

- You are very content for long periods of time and can play by yourself for 20-30 minutes. This is really helpful to me sometimes, especially in the mornings while I'm getting ready for work.

- You are a big eater! You still nurse about every 3 hours, and usually eat 2 other meals of real food at some point during the day. You love vegetables, and are surprisingly not a big fan of fruit. You have tried bananas and apples a couple different times, and you make the most hilarious faces. I guess I can't complain :)

- You are a mama's girl this month. You light up when I come home from work, which is also usually coupled with a cry of distress. You are so excited to see me at the same time you realize how much you missed me (usually also coupled with how hungry you just realized you were). I treasure these moments so much and will always hold them very dear to my heart.

- Mrs. Shelley and Mrs. Lauren have been watching you during the week (and blessing us immensely with this), and they both adore you. We could not ask for you to be in any better hands during the day while we are gone, and it gives us so much peace knowing you are very well taken care of. We also adore that you and Elle are becoming best buds :).

- Your daddy made up a great song for you about a week ago (this is nothing new), and I want to write it down so we will always remember:

"Daddy is my friend,
He will love me till the end.
God made him my daddy,
I think that is great.
God made him my daddy,
so him I will obey."

We will try to sing this to you often, and hopefully it will come in handy one day with discipline ;).

Here's some more pictures from our 6 month "photo shoot". You are truly not an infant anymore, as you can see:

We love you sweet girl, and could not imagine life without you. Your sweet smile and demeanor bring so much joy to our days. Thank you Jesus for this precious gift.

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