Wednesday, January 11, 2012

3 Months!

3 Months has been a big change for sweet Norah. She has become way more alert, has found her voice, and smiles ALL the time! She generally just seems like a happier and more content baby this month, and we are so so blessed by how easy going she is. 

Norah, at 3 months:
- you are getting so big! you are still in 0-3 month clothes, but you have cute little fat rolls all over your body and a "buddha belly"!

- you yell all the time, just for fun and because you are happy. many times you make yourself choke and end up coughing because you yell so loud, it's hilarious. you are quite the talker already.

- I think your vision has recently changed and you can see much clearer and further now, because you are always scanning and looking around, moving your head back and forth constantly, taking it all in, especially when we're in a new place. 

- you laughed for the first time yesterday! It is the best sound ever! You are one happy baby!

- you are SO EXPRESSIVE! You make crazy faces all the time, and whatever you are thinking/feeling is written all over your face. I used to think this was common of all babies, but I'm realizing that it is unique to you. I guess you are your mom's child after all :)

- you LOVE your play mat! You will be happy just laying there for a really long time. You especially love your mirrors and your blue elephant, you talk to him often :)

- you rolled over (from your stomach to your back) for the first time at Christmas! For about 2 days, you were rolling over a ton, but since then we can't seem to get you to do it again!

- you are working on sleeping through the night. We've been down to one night time feeding for awhile, and now your dad and I are trying to get you to skip that, especially before I have to go back to work. You lasted until 6am two mornings this week, but you didn't make it past 2am last night, so we'll see. 

And now for a plethora of pictures, many from our photo shoot this morning :)