Sunday, March 27, 2011

11 Weeks

So I've decided to blog about this pregnancy, mostly for my sake and for the grandparents. I know if I don't do something like this, it will just fly by and the baby will be here before I know it! I want to make sure I stop and enjoy the miracle of this precious life growing inside me!

I found these "Pregnancy Highlights" on another blog, and decided it would be a fun and easy way to track this pregnancy. Enjoy!

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 11 weeks and 4 days. I'm halfway through my third month...crazy!

*(This picture was obviously taken at 10 weeks, but I still look the same!)

ggie Size: Lime

Size: Just over 2 inches.

Baby changes: Hair follicles are forming, and fingernail and toenail beds are beginning to develop on his/her no longer webbed feet and hands. His or her body is straightening out and the torso is leng
thening. His or her head is half of it's body's size right now!

Best Moment this week:
Our first ultrasound (This was almost 2 weeks ago, but I spent all week showing off our pictures!). It was an amazing moment and made this feel so much more real. Everything looked GREAT and the baby looked super healthy! Yay!

Gender: We are choosing to find out! We don't have any hunches yet...

Movement: None

Food Craving: Milk (we have gone through SO many gallons!). French fries and lemonade from Chick-fil-A. Other than these, I haven't had any other consistent cravings, it's just usually once I see or think about something that I want, I have to have it!

Food Aversions: Potato Salad! And smoothies. I used to love them and just haven't been drawn to them lately.

What I miss: Having energy!

Sleep: I am no longer sleeping through the night :(. I have to wake up to pee at least once a night.

What I am looking forward to: The end of my first trimester and not having to take a nap everyday!

Symptoms: Justin and I both feel like I have had a really great pregnancy so far. I only had a rough 2 weeks in the very beginning of feeling nauseous and sickly, but since then, all I've experienced is fatigue. I am trying to sleep 9-10 hours a night, and am taking a nap almost every day. But other than that I can't complain!

And as you can see, I'm already starting to show! I didn't think I'd have a little bump this early, but I guess this baby has nowhere to go but out!