Thursday, May 24, 2012

Our Busy 7 Month Old

Norah Jane, how much you have changed this month sweet girl!

At 7 months, you are:
-Not quite crawling yet, but wanting to SO bad! Just in this last week, you seem to live in an almost constant state of frustration. You want to touch (and eat) EVERYTHING, but you can't get to wherever you want just yet, and it frustrates you so bad! I have a feeling that in the next week or so you will be crawling, and will be much happier :)

-Just started yelling, and it is not so fun for your parents. When you don't like something or are frustrated, you just yell. Your crying can stress us out, but your yelling really frustrates us. We are praying this passes soon!

-Are laughing so much more, and you even have a hilarious fake laugh!

-Are getting SO much more personality, and have a little bit of flare, drama, and passion, just like both of your parents :). I am loving this personality come out in you, because it finally makes me excited that you are growing up, instead of just teary that time keeps going by so fast.

-Are SUPER chunky! Your skin on your legs is so tight and you have sooo many rolls! We love it!

-A great eater. You are nursing about every 3 hours still, and eating 2 meals a day. We will probably start feeding you more solids soon.

-Still have no teeth. I'm kind of surprised, but I'm in no rush :)

-Are still a great sleeper. You go to bed around 6pm every night, wake up sometime between 6-7 to eat, then usually go back to sleep until 8. 14 hours....we'll take it :)

You also still take 3 naps a day, one long morning nap, and an afternoon and evening nap.

-Just learned how to wave! And you actually do associate it with "hi"! Whenever you see a person for the first time or walk into a room of people, you wave at them! I think this is the sweetest thing ever and it melts my heart every time.

-Just TODAY you started to babble! We laid you down for your evening nap, and you laid in there talking to yourself for awhile. We heard you babbling, which we had never heard before, so we got you up to play with you (it was just too cute!), and you ended up saying "Dada"! What a fun day!

-Are turning into more of a mama's girl, and are definitely happier when you're with me. This is a fairly new thing, and I'm glad I'll get to stay home with you in just a few short weeks before any separation anxiety really starts. I can't wait to spend my days with you!

And now, here's some photos from our 7 month pictures. It was much harder to get these pictures than it has been in the past. All she wanted to do was play with the sign, as you can see:

And here's a video:

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