Sunday, February 19, 2012

4 Months!

4 months has been so much fun! They're right, each new stage IS more fun!

Norah, at 4 months:
  • You are such a sweet and easy baby! We are so thankful for this because we are having one of our busiest seasons yet, and you are so flexible and go with the flow so well. Especially with childcare. I can't even count the number of different people who may watch you in any given week, yet you still stick to your schedule pretty well and are generally pretty easy!
  • You rolled over from your stomach to your back over Christmas, but have yet to do it since! But you are about to roll over from your back to your stomach any day! You are trying so hard!
  • You know your mama and are super attached to her :). Everyday when I come home from work, you light up for me, and it melts my heart every time. You also will only laugh for your mama! I am so thankful for this as well because I was so worried that you wouldn't know me or be bonded to me once I went back to work full time. Thanks for daily showing me that's not true!
  • You have a little bit of feistiness in you :). With certain things, you know what you want and are not happen when we don't give it to you! Especially with eating. If you are hungry and I try to give you the pacifier instead, you refuse to take it and then proceed to yell at me! On the good days, I laugh at this, but on others, it can stress me out!
  • You are a talker, and a loud one! We have had so many different people tell us this, so I guess it is unique to you! One of my favorites is when we're in the car, and if you are awake, you could talk to yourself the whole car ride!
This month has been so much fun, and your dad and I feel so greatly connected to you. We can't imagine our lives without you, and the joy you bring to us is inexplicable. We love you sweet girl. 

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