Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Sweet Norah Jane

It's official...I'm the worst blogger ever. But instead of trying to set high hopes for myself of being a consistent blogger, I'm just going to use this as a place to write down memories for myself every now and then.

Our sweet Norah girl is 10 weeks old, and what an amazing whirlwind these last 10 weeks have been. Our lives have forever changed, and I don't think we've even realized what that fully means yet. But I already can not imagine life without this sweet girl. I want to record some of the things she is doing now, because she's already growing and changing way too fast, and I can barely remember what she was like when she was first born. 

Norah, at 10 weeks you:
- are a happy baby. The only time you really fuss is if you are overtired, and we try very hard to avoid this state. You are sure to let us know if you are hungry or bored, and you definitely have some lungs on you, but these problems are quickly solved. You are not hard to figure out. We have only experienced an inconsolable cry (lasting longer than 3-5 minutes) once or twice in your life, and we are very thankful for the Lord's grace in this so far. 

- are a good sleeper. Your first week of life you were sleeping 6 hour stretches, and the doctor told us we needed to wake you up sooner than that to eat. Wow. The last 4 weeks or so, you generally only have one nighttime feed, and one early morning feed, and you almost always go right back to sleep after these feeds. 

We are currently working on sleep training, and are teaching you to take naps in your crib, fall asleep on your own, and soothe yourself back to sleep when you wake yourself up. This has not been an easy process, and I feel like I have spent the majority of my days getting you to sleep. A couple of nights ago, you were extremely overtired and would fall asleep, but wake yourself back up every 5 minutes. Your daddy and I were desperate, so we let you cry it out in your crib. I cried with you. You lasted 2 hours before I finally came in and picked you up. The next night when you woke yourself up, we let you cry, and it lasted 45 minutes. Tonight was 20, so hopefully we're making progress! I hope so, because this is probably harder for your mama than it is for you!

- your favorite places are your bouncer and your changing table (although you almost fell off today when I went to get something from your closet, so this may not be a place you hang out at very long any more!). 

- recently found your hand, and you love it! You also just starting loving looking at a mirror and talking to the "other" baby. You will last so long doing this!

- had your first sickness already! At your 2 month checkup the doctor confirmed that you had a minor ear infection and diarrhea. This only really affected you for a couple of days, but those days were hard and you were pretty irritable. We are just glad it cleared up quickly and you didn't have to take any meds!

- are a daddy's girl, and always light up for him, and look for him when you hear him enter the room. Up until just recently, he could soothe you just as well, if not better, than I could. And he loves you right back. You melt his heart already girl. 

- are starting to mimic the noises I make to you. You can do it sometimes, and other times you just move your mouth like you're trying to get it out. I may look like a fool saying "goo" to you all the time, but it's so fun when you say it back! 

You are such a blessing, and I want to remember each and every sweet moment with you! Now for some pictures...

                                           {2 month picture. It was done super quickly
                                                because this was ear infection day. }

                                                            {Sweet Smiles}

                                                        {I love this little cutie}

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